Online Remote Support

Here I will show you how to connect your computer with mine.

After connection will be established, I will see the screen of your computer exactly as you see it.

I even will be able to control the mouse cursor and the keyboard of your computer. It will help me to determine the problem and faster resolve it.

There are many programs, which will allow to connect two computers remotely.

I prefer to use the program, calling CrossLoop. It is free and working well. Of course, some times I have problems with connection, but it is very rarely.


First step. You have to download this program from official web-site. It is very simple process and takes only the seconds.

For "Windows" -

For "Mac OS X" -

Second Step. You have to start the CrossLoop program, by clicking the icon on the desktop and in the "share" section read and tell me the 12-digits access code.

Then press "Connect" and press on "Yes" to approve my connection.


After these two steps I will be able to control your computer for problems solving.