Acer Aspire 5252 Notebook Repair. (Blank Screen)

Hi, everybody!

In this artice I will show you repair process of AMD CPU based notebook: Acer Aspire 5252. This type of problem related not only to exactly this notebook, but to many others AMD based desktops and notebooks.

Let's start...

Customer said: "Laptop shuts off by it self, and if you want to turn it on, you have to try 10-20 times press the PowerOn/PowerOff button before it turns on."

Power LED is on, but other LEDs are off, HDD LED is not blinking at all, but you hear how HDD is spinning. Screen is completely dark, no any light.

Acer Aspire 5252 Repair

According to my experience, there are 3 reasons can be, why this laptop doesn't work correctly.

1. Cooling system is nor working properly. Full of dust. (Most popular problem.)
2. Defective motherboard. (Bridge or Graphic Card contacts are unsoldered, because of overheating.)
3. Somebody before tried to fix the laptop and nobidy else knows what he did.


We have to unscrew the screws which holds the notebook case, motherboard and cooling system. Very easy to disassemble this type of laptop, but you must to have a few types of screwdrivers and small knifes.

1. Take off the battery an unscrew and open the HDD & RAM cover.

2. Unscrew the screws which holds the hard disk drive, and take it off. Take off the CMOS battery also. Unscrew all the screw on the bottom off the laptop.

3. Take off the DVD-RW drive by pushing it out from the case. Flip the notebook and using the small knifes and screwdrivers take off the keyboard. You need to push on the small plastic holders.

4. Then unscrew all the srews under the keyboard and unlock and pull out all the wires.

5. Split the notebook case and take off the top part.

6. Unscrew all the screws which holds the motherboard and the FAN.


7. Take off the matherboard together with heatsink.

8. Unscrew the heatsink from the motherboard, clean it. Also clean the FAN. In my case the heatsink was full of dust and no way for hot air to go out. Because of this the laptop is overheated.

9. Using the screwdriver rotate the CPU holder. Take off the CPU and insert it back. Change the thermal paste.

10. Now you have to assemble the notebook to normal condition.

These steps will not guarantee the functionaity of your laptop. Only 50/50, that it will work after 10 steps above.
Another reason of problem may be connection of motherboard bridge or graphic card processor. In this case you have to flip the motherboard and using the hot air or infrared solderer to warm up the motherboard right behind the motherboard bridge and graphic card processor.

You can find many tutorials and even youtube videos how to do that. I'm against this method of repair. But sometimes, in emergency case, I'm using it. (For exmple, when customer have to finish the work with some programs which installed only in that particular laptop.)

I would not recommend to use that way of repair, because it is not guaranteed way of repair. Some laptops working the years after that, but some of them won't turn on in one hour. If 10 steps above didn't help you, will be better to determine the defective part (most of the time it is the motherboard) and replace it.